Gadget-Bot Productions, like a Swiss army knife, functions as a versatile multi-tool encompassing various disciplines within its many mechanical arms. We take pride in supporting other teams in bringing their worlds to life visually and narratively.


Gadget-Bot Production began its journey in the industry as a beacon of innovative concept art. This foundational expertise allowed the company to carve a unique niche for itself, setting the stage for the expansive and dynamic production house it has become today. With roots deep in the art of conceptual visualization, Gadget-Bot has grown, all while honoring its origin, to deliver captivating narratives and visuals across various platforms.


The art of Concept Design involves the intricate process of creating visual and aesthetic elements that contribute to the overall gameplay and storytelling of a game that has the feel of a cinematic experience. Our goal when designing anything is to assist our client manifest their vision. At Gadget-Bot, we start with in-depth visual research pertaining to the script or brief, while the art director works closely with the client to develop a consistent visual style. A wide range of sketches early on is important for us to help the client explore the design’s range and decide the visual direction for the project. To make powerful designs, the world where the characters live, and their tools and props, need to be a cohesive whole.

We begin by creating mood boards using visual references, then, while examining these boards, a conversation between the Art Director, Gadget-Bot concept designers, and the client creates a shared visual language for anything from vehicles, props, characters, creatures, and whole living environments. The next phase is iterative; we create many exploratory sketches to assist our client polish the chosen direction towards completion. The Art Director then oversees and leads their team of designers, mentoring and guiding them to assure quality and making sure that all other expectations by the client are met. Besides 2D ideation, early adaptation of 3D modeling during the concept stage is also a workflow we employ at Gadget-Bot to aid the visualization process and help expedite the production down the line. The result is visually captivating work that lures the audience into the game’s story and world.


As Gadget-Bot evolved, our 2D/3D concept designs passes naturally bridged the gap to final game assets. We refined these early structures, effortlessly transitioning them into polished 3D game elements. on Top of this we have Top tear talent ranging from experience on Apex legends to Bone labs that have refined our development process.


Gadget-Bot offers comprehensive 3D art services to facilitate the process of creating animation for our clients. It all starts with concept art, where our talented artists develop initial ideas and designs based on our client’s vision. This crucial step lays the foundation for the entire project. Once the concept art is approved, we proceed to sculpting and modeling, where our skilled 3D artists bring our client’s ideas to life by creating detailed and realistic 3D objects and characters. This phase involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and visual appeal. Following sculpting and modeling, we move on to layout and animation.

Our experienced animators take 3D objects and characters they created and position them within the scene, and through keyframing, they bring them to life, adding movement, expressions, and actions that enhance the storytelling. The final phase is rendering, where we transform the animated scenes by processing all of our created assets on hand using visual elements, textures, lighting, and effects to create a polished and visually stunning result. By executing these phases effectively and collaboratively, we bring our client’s concept to life, from the initial design and development of ideas through to the delivery of the finished animated product. Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure that our client’s vision is fully realized.


Gadget-Bot's essence is deeply rooted in the rich legacies of animation and anime, drawing inspiration from iconic projects like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Evangelion. This fervor fueled our prowess in concept design. Now, we've come full circle, contributing to the animation industry with projects such as Cartoon Network's Fire Breather and more.


Our animation expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of creative elements, from the initial concept and storyboarding to the final stages of compositing and sound design. It all starts with the inception of an idea, which is carefully nurtured and refined to craft a compelling narrative. Words come to life through intricate illustrations and artwork. Once the concept is approved, the pre-production phase kicks off, involving script development, color keys, storyboarding, and continuous script and storyboard revisions as the narrative evolves. Simultaneously, our talented visual development team crafts characters, environments, vehicles, and props to give life to the story. The production phase commences with layout and 3D modeling, breathing life into the envisioned designs. Extensive research and development ensure that the visuals are fine-tuned to perfection. Our 3D team models, animates and rigs the characters, while our 2D art team meticulously refines keyframes and in-betweens. Effects are intricately crafted in both 3D and 2D, depending on the desired visual style.

Post-production encompasses a wide range of elements, including matte paintings, 2D and 3D effects, and VFX, all of which are seamlessly woven together by our skilled editing and compositing team. The final piece is elevated with a carefully curated musical score and sound design, culminating in a immersive animation. Our example here is a testament to our capabilities to bring to life the short for Kaidro.


Step into the immersive world of gaming with Gadget-Bot’s cutting-edge game development services. Our team of skilled developers, artists, and designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re a startup looking to create the next indie sensation or an established studio aiming for a blockbuster hit, we’ve got you covered.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Gadget-Bot delivers top-notch game development solutions that span genres, platforms, and technologies. From captivating narratives to stunning visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics, we craft experiences that resonate with players worldwide.

Not only are we in the rating but we’re also forming strong partnerships. the Kaidro VR experience was developed in partnership with HTC Vive, oculus rift, and Alienware Back in 2018 ware it went on to show at the VRLA, E3 and SIGGRAPH.

Feel free to reach out to collaborate with us to craft your next gaming masterpiece.


With experience from notable films like Ender's Game, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World, Alita: Battle Angel, and Transformers 4, Gadget-Bot has developed a clear vision for film production.


As with all the projects Gadget-Bot works on, we begin with an idea for a story. We go through a comprehensive process of finding the tone, voice, themes, and characters to follow within the initial pitch stage. We then embark on a deep dive for inspiring imagery and commence our visual sketching stage to help us visualize our world. Music plays a significant role in every story we build, so early musical inspiration goes hand in hand with the initial pitch. From there, we meticulously develop a script as the concept art is being created. Storyboards are put together to form an animatic, providing a clear vibe and idea of the film. We then initiate the process of auditioning actors, using the animatic and art to help them visualize what we are trying to achieve.

Production begins by bringing all the teams together on sets, locations, and green screens to capture the story. We bring together those who thrive in creative environments as well as those who work well as a team. It’s a unique blend of storytelling and problem-solving among the crew.

Finally, we embark on the journey of post-production to edit, composite, add visual effects, and incorporate music and sound effects. This involves a whole other creative team that must take what the previous team has captured and bring it all together under the leadership of the director.

We believe in trusting the process. For any creative endeavor, chaos and beauty can be realized through the marriage of having a clear technical process. Filmmaking is a massive undertaking that requires an immense amount of organization and communication. Gadget-Bot thrives on teams working closely together to bring stories and worlds to life while attending to the many intricate details of development


Story and intellectual property development is the core of Gadget-Bot Productions. We thrive on bringing stories and worlds to life whether it be comics, animations games, illustrations, writing, films and more.

Whether we’re developing original stories for ourselves or other teams, we treat both with equal dedication. We take pride in our ability to bring characters and worlds to life, both narratively and visually. We collaborate closely with clients to help them realize their storytelling goals.

Our role extends beyond mere creation; we are collaborators and guides. From drafting story design blueprints to crafting world bibles and scripts, we’ve ventured through vast narrative landscapes. When we partner with teams, we don’t merely view them as clients; we see ourselves as co-storytellers. The process of crafting tales is an intimate journey, one we’re eager to embark on with our clients. Together, our goal is to conjure stories that resonate deeply, enduring the tests of time.