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Our Kaidro animation is a captivating adaptation of our manga series, Kaidro: The Awakening. Originally presented as a popular Webtoons comic, Kaidro: The Awakening gained support through Kickstarter to produce its first three printed volumes. The successful transition from web-based to print format provided a seamless transition from the manga to the animated realm, where fans can immerse themselves in our vibrant world.
KAIDRO ANIMATION PART 2 Our animation process informs our goal of expanding the existing Kaidro manga series into a dynamic and immersive new form. By leveraging animation, we aim to give the story a new life, adding depth and visual richness beyond the pages of the comic as we follow the journey of the young Kaidro named Ava as she fights to prevent a war between technology and spirituality.


Kaidro sprawls expansively, a cosmos alive with tales woven through the perspectives of its four distinct factions. At the core of this narrative universe lies Tal’jor, a world where four dominant factions vie for the limited riches of the land. The setting depicts a post-apocalyptic realm gripped in a fierce struggle between technology and spirituality.

Within this intricate tapestry, we discover the latent abilities of those blessed with spiritual prowess (Astral powers) in contrast to those wielding advanced technology (Spark Suits). Yet, what transpires when an individual attains mastery over both realms?

As a K’ailantian, a hired mercenary embarking on Clan Fracture expeditions, you possess magical abilities drawn from the Astral Realm, guided by your Spirit Guardian. However, the malevolent Void has infected the Astral Realm, seeping into the "real world."

Your mission is to defend against the Void creatures, vanquish the emerging Void deities from the Astral Realm, and confront rival clans in the ongoing struggle.

The Kaidro Animation is based on the hit online Webtoons and physical comic Kaidro: The Awakening. The trailer gives a glimpse into the comic and game storyworld. It features the music from partner, Odesza, that showcases the spirtual and technological themes of Kaidro.


Kaidro: The Awakening serves as the central narrative for the entire world of Kaidro. It unfolds as a coming-of-age tale that explores themes of friendship, war, pollution, destruction, powers, and the impending demise of the world.


A young mech pilot, Ava, strives to overcome physical, personal, and political dangers within a post-apocalyptic world as she struggles with emerging spiritual powers that could turn her into a savior or a destroyer.


In a world torn asunder, the technocratic elite of the floating Upper Cities wage war against the spiritually adept Outlanders who dwell in the wasteland below. In the middle are the Contractors: nomadic mechanics and traders who roam the barren lands in colossal vehicle convoys, as mighty as warships. One young Contractor, Ava, is an orphan with dreams of piloting a Spark Suit mech alongside her loyal friends Kiwi and Lukas. Her journey is complicated by emerging astral powers that make her a prize sought by both sides of the conflict. Faced with two diverging futures — one filled with light and hope, the other shadowed with darkness and destruction — Ava must navigate her own path, embrace her values, and determine her fate. The stakes are nothing less than the fate of the world. A misstep could ignite a fiery end, reducing everything she knows to ashes.


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In a future governed by AI, a guilt-ridden former fighter pilot must confront his turbulent past by entering a daring hover racing tournament. As he seeks redemption for his shortcomings as a father and grapples with the haunting memory of his wife's tragic accident, he races toward an uncertain future where victory may bring him the closure he desperately craves.


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