Gadget-Bot is a Los Angeles based independent production company.

We offer end-to-end services from pitch, pre-production, production and post-production.

We are passionate about powerful storytelling across mediums. This includes story, storyboards, animatics, direction, concept art, animation, comics, live-action, and game development.


1. We partner with teams in building their worlds and intellectual properties.
2. We bring to life our own original stories to the world.


Gadget-Bot has collaborated with leading industry giants in film, game, art, and animation, including Fox, Activision, Universal, Paramount, Netflix, and numerous others. These esteemed companies place their trust in us due to our exceptional storytelling, design sense and our unwavering commitment to delivering projects from inception to completion. Our track record of successful partnerships and our ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations have established us as a reliable and sought-after creative force in the industry.


There's a system to everything, yet the path to creativity beckons the unfettered mind. We firmly stand by the notion that at the project's inception, one must embrace an exploration of possibilities and a free flow of ideas. It's in the tranquil aftermath that true construction commences. It's here that we step in, adeptly crafting the blueprints and schedules to bring visions to life.


The creation of original worlds, stories, and intellectual properties defines our company. At our core, we thrive in the art of storytelling, expressing our narratives through various mediums such as animation, games, comics, films, and illustrations. Whether it's crafting immersive universes or developing captivating characters, our passion lies in bringing unique and engaging narratives to life. We embrace the versatility of different forms of media to convey our stories, allowing us to explore boundless creativity and provide unforgettable experiences to our audiences.


At Gadget-Bot, we firmly believe that our creations are only as good as our references. By combining experiences and inspirations, we discover the most captivating and intriguing stories, images and worlds. Thorough research and open development are pillars of our approach. We craft a well-defined plan, swiftly create iterations, and execute projects with agility. This dynamic process allows us to deliver innovative and compelling results that resonate with our audiences across various mediums.



The founders of Gadget-Bot Productions, Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, hail from ArtCenter College of Design, specializing in industrial design with a strong emphasis on entertainment design during their academic pursuits. After their studies, Robert contributed his talents to the realm of cinema, collaborating with director Michael Bay on the renowned “Transformers” series, while Peggy embarked on her career by working alongside acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro on “Pacific Rim”. In 2011, recognizing the industry’s growing need for top-tier design and inspired by their passion for creating original intellectual properties, Peggy and Robert established Gadget-Bot to meet this demand and to cultivate their own creative visions.


Peggy and Robert embarked on a transformative journey that wove their focus  into the fabric of project creation, direction, writing, and production. This odyssey immersed them in the full spectrum of creative expression, transcending artistic exploration to embrace the intricate mechanics of production – from nurturing the seeds of an idea to the orchestration of financial backing and the eventual culmination in the final production. Amidst this immersive process, they skillfully navigated complex systems of communication, cultivated developmental insights, and wholeheartedly embraced the imperative of research and development. These aspects emerged as pivotal keystones that steered Peggy and Robert through the labyrinth of creative endeavor, imparting invaluable lessons and shaping their artistic evolution. This hands-on involvement at every stage of the production lifecycle not only enriched their creative understanding but also sowed the seeds of a legacy – the very essence of Gadget-Bot’s DNA.


In a dynamic collaboration supported by the esteemed sponsorship of HTC Vive, Alienware, and Oculus, Gadget-Bot proudly introduced its maiden game, the groundbreaking Kaidro Virtual Reality Experience. This immersive piece acted as a bridge between reality and imagination, seamlessly transporting players into the shoes of a cadet setting foot on the hallowed grounds of the Union of Arms Academy for the very first time.

Notably, during a period when teleportation systems were the norm in the virtual reality domain, Gadget-Bot’s visionary team shattered conventions by pioneering an innovative walking system within the Kaidro VR Experience. This paradigm-shifting development marked a departure from the commonplace, a testament to the team’s resolute commitment to pushing the boundaries of software and technology. This determination to innovate echoed throughout the experience, a tangible embodiment of their unswerving dedication to enhancing the storytelling prowess that brought the universe of Kaidro to life.

The Kaidro VR game’s captivating narrative interwoven with state-of-the-art technology culminated in an indelible journey, captivating audiences at prestigious events such as E3, Siggraph, and San Diego Comic Con.


The captivating narrative of “Kaidro: The Awakening” made its initial appearance in the digital realm during the year 2021, when it was unveiled to the world on the online platform Webtoons. This innovative publication marked the commencement of a remarkable journey into the intricate world of Kaidro, unraveling its multifaceted layers and propelling its significance far beyond the confines of the virtual reality experience.

The Kaidro comic featured several winners from the social media contests, an orchestrated endeavor that ingeniously invited individuals to become integral parts of the comic’s fabric. These contests, carefully curated to align with the thematic essence of Kaidro, provided an unprecedented opportunity for fans and creative enthusiasts to contribute their unique perspectives. By integrating the contest winners into the comic’s storyline, a symbiotic relationship emerged between the creators and the audience, cultivating a shared sense of ownership and investment in the unfolding narrative.

Upon the conclusion of every captivating episode within the Kaidro series, a meticulously crafted printed book emerged on Kickstarter. This meticulously curated ensemble bestowed readers with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Kaidro through the expansive canvas of full-page format.

Current Day

Where Gadget-Bot Productions stands today embodies the genuine and complete realization of the initial vision set forth by its founders, Peggy & Robert. Drawing upon the collective expertise and extensive experience of their team, this production company has not only contributed to the entertainment industry but has also cultivated original intellectual properties.

The team’s unwavering commitment to the significance of storytelling and an unyielding dedication to uncompromising quality have remained resolute throughout over a decade of steadfast endeavor. The inaugural narrative from Gadget-Bot Productions, “Kaidro,” has now evolved into its own distinct entity, embarking on a journey of development encompassing gaming, animation, toys, and the continuation of its comic series.

To this day, new creations are being incubated within the company, building upon the triumph of the Kaidro franchise and reflecting the ongoing success and innovation that define Gadget-Bot Productions.